Create your own post on Trip Advisor!(1)

Now, let’s review what you have learned so far! Here is a brief list to help you review what you have learned!

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Create your own post on Trip Advisor!(2)

Now, it’s time for you to write your own post on Trip Advisor, try a restaurant and write a post, the most important thing is—share with us ! Let other users know whether it’s a good restaurant or not, maybe you will just find the person live near around you!

Waiters? Customers?(1)

Now that you’ve been familiar with the languages used in restaurant, do you want to experience it yourself?

How can I find partners to practise? use the ‘Travel Map ‘ function to keep track of where have you been and where you want to go, share it in the social media you are using and find someone who has the same destination with you!



Next, you and your partner need to prepare the language for a role play: order food at a restaurant! One needs to play as a waiter, ther other needs to be a customer! Are you ready to do the role play ? Why not video it and share with us to listen to what other learners’ ideas?

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On the way(3)

Well done!

After exploring some posts, do you find something different other users use to express their like for the food from yours ? Have you learned some other ways to comment on how good the food is? Now, you need to list the five most common ways you found in those posts to express their like for the food and share your list with others.

tips: you can use the ‘list’ option of Riddle to make your list clear and easy to approach$1[$R_3L@G3_G@Q)W2U.png Continue reading “On the way(3)”

On the way(2)

Now that you’ve already got an account of Trip Advisor, why not try to see what ways do other users use to express how much they like the food? You may find posts like this.


Don’t worry about where you are, Trip Advisor covers almost every city in the world, so either you would like to explore the restaurants in the city where you are going to travel to or some cities on the other side of the world, it would be a brilliant experience!

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Let’s start!



Hi all!

This is a blog where you can learn some English through exploring the website Trip Advisor. For those of you who are going to travel or study in an English-speaking country, can you imagine how embarrassed you may feel if all the people around pay attention to you because they realize you don’t ‘belong to’ the place here? For some English-speakers, it is easy to know where some people are from: If a person responds ‘fine, thank you, and you?’ when you ask ‘how are you?’, then it is highly possible that the person is from China because that is the ‘standard answer’on Chinese textbooks. We go to other places, want to speak and behave like a local people, just as the proverb goes,’do as the Romans do’, then Trip Advisor is the  best partner to help us know some language that is actually used in English-speaking environment. So, let’s register an account of Trip Advisor and start our Trip now !

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